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INTERVIEW & MIX... Music Is 4 Lovers (Du Beats)

Music Is 4 Lovers has long been a source of top-shelf-tunes for us over here at Acuña. For the return stretch of our Interview & Mix swap, we caught up with Du Beats, who was bought onto the MI4L team a few years a go by head honcho Jimbo James, to find out more about the blog and it's workings.

Check out the Interview & Mixes below...

1. MI4L has long been a go-to source for fresh beats for us over here at Acuna. Tell us how it all started and how you’ve grown to the point you are at today.

Music is 4 Lovers (MI4L) started almost 10 years back as both a San Diego based promotion channel and event production team. I actually was brought onto the team a couple of years ago by the head-honcho, Jimbo James - and have since been taking on more & more of a prominent role, handling the bulk of curation of our mixes/premieres alongside Juany Bravo. I’ve also recently brought to light our new ‘In The Studio’ features for the site, which highlight some of the studio set-ups and production methods from a wide array of world class artists in the scene.

2. You cover and premieres a lot of banging tracks, what’s your personal taste when playing out?

I’m very blessed to be constantly exposed to a wide variety of flavor through the blog features, which I think forces me to keep a more open-minded ear, and expands my personal creative bubble. That said, when it comes to studio time - I’ve got a very distinctive sound that I love and strive to make. It’s all about the classy, deep, lush grooves for me!

3. We find selecting tunes for a mix tough as there’s often just too many to choose from. How did you go about putting your mix for us together?

I do my best to play the most current stuff I can from the circle of artists that I’m connected with. You’re spot on with the massive palate of tracks to choose from making it tough though! In this mix, I’ve got a nice medley of both old and new cuts from some of the artists & labels I love. I’ve also closed this one down with my new single with Memo Rex on Plastik People, ‘That’s Fresh’ which I thought was a nice closing groove here.

4. Who are your hot tipped producers for 2021? Let’s go Top 5

So so many great artists coming out of the wood-works and showing their true talents since this pandemic hit, so here’s just a handful of my favorites and ones to look out for this year.

1. Never Dull - San Diego’s hottest producer right now, laying down genuine hit after hit, look out for this guy in 2021 as one of the industry’s breakthrough talents.

2. Colorjaxx - When I first heard his release ‘Brand New’ on Large, I knew this guy was going to smash it. With an impressive, diverse palate of tracks having dropped since, I expect he will have an amazing year again.

3. Jesusdapnk - Another one of SD’s finest, and one of our city’s hardest working artists. Look to his catalog this year for another one jam-packed with sauce.

4. T. Markakis - At this point no stranger to the house scene, everything he puts out is gold. Expecting at least a few timeless gems to come out from him this year!

5. Sex On Decks - A fresher face on the scene, Sex On Decks jumped out to my attention with an amazing demo as one of the earlier releases for my own label Staybad. Consistently impressed with the content he’s been putting out since, and expect he’ll have quite the year here in ’21.

Finally, 2020 was a shitshow, what have we got to look forward to from MI4L in 2021?

Yes indeed, I’m hoping that at some point this year we’ll be able to responsibly throw shows again in some capacity, so that’s something to look forward to! As for myself, I’ll be continuing to output a steady slew of music, and am fortunate enough to be working with some of my personal favorite labels this year for releases!

Thanks for the opportunity to showcase my sound guys.




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