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In Conversation With... Third Attempt

We caught up with Third Attempt, real name Torje Fagertun Spilde, a 22 year old producer & DJ originally from Asker, Norway ahead of the launch of his new album, 'World Is Too Loud' today. This exciting young producer is at the forefront of a northern electronic funk revolution, with a unique sound that's taking the scene by storm.

His productions have a distinct and uplifting flavour, firmly planted in the smoother areas of deep house. His influences range from jazz to ambient, trip hop to classic house. Third Attempt's first Beatservice single "Shoreline" accumulated numerous accolades and tens of thousands of plays on various streaming platforms. After a few EP's, we're extremely excited to see a full body of work from the guy.

Keep an eye out for when we finally get him over to play his UK debut this Summer, in the mean time here's what he had to say when we chatted with him...


You grew up near Oslo but have since moved to Tromsø, a small town in Northern Norway renowned for being a breeding ground for electronic music. Was it the music that took you there? Tell us a bit about your time there since you moved and how its shaped your style of music. Because of family, i have visited Tromsø on and off for as long as i can remember. My mother is born and raised up here. Every holiday and new years i used to come, and while still living in Asker (on the other side of the country) i found myself visiting even more frequently after my mother moved back to Tromsø few years ago. Everyone was bragging about how great the scene was up here. I honestly didn't believe it at first, I thought everything was happening in Oslo. But it didn't take long to have me fully convinced. The people, the scenery, and the creativity that flows around here is just something really special. Must be something in the water! Moved to Tromsø when i was 19 in around 2017, right around the time when i had finished my first time album (dreams in common). Been heavily at it since. Kept getting inspired by events and festivals happening around me. Started taking Djing more seriously, and got more into the club-side of electronic music when i got exposed to some of my first raves. Which ultimately led to my love for house music and deeper stuff, but I have always tried to hold on to my roots in the jazzy, chill-out, listening area. With such a small but consistent music scene, everybody knows everybody. We're supportive of each other, which is just really healthy for a creative environment. Great stuff happening up here! One of our mates likened you to a new age Röyksopp, and its safe to say you've carved yourself a refreshingly new sound, whats your thought process like when you sit down to produce a track? That's a huge compliment!

It's very hard to comment on my thought process, as I feel it's everchanging. I mostly listen to music that is outside my genre for inspiration. When I am producing, sometimes I have a certain vibe or feeling I want to recreate, and sometimes I just want to express myself in the moment. But what I can say is that am focused on I am going for, and I want to keep outdoing myself. I get very frustrated when I feel like my previous tracks are “outdoing” my newer projects, really driving myself crazy sometimes. But the value of using your own ideas to their full extent makes it worth it. Tell us a bit more about the World Is Too Loud, your forthcoming album - what were you trying to achieve with it Don't want to say too much, as I want people to have their own experience. Don't want to get too deep either.To be honest most of the time I have just had fun with it. But I guess world is too loud is a story about challanging myself, and letting go of inner rules and restrictions. For me creation almost feels like an output for both outer and inner noise. Being limitless is exiting for me as a goal. I don't know if I am ever going to get there, but this is a part of me along the way.

We're buzzing to have you over in London to play with us this year, have you got anything else lined up over Summer that we should know about? Really exited about coming over! Not much planned over the summer, other than to make more music! In the upcoming months I am thinking about preforming the album together with a band, as a release party in Tromsø. We will see how far I can get with that :)

Can you give us a taster of the kind of tracks you love to play out at the moment? Check out Recloose – Up and Up. Next level stuff, also included in the acuna mix :) For the early hours

Also really into the label Fetish Recordings and Jackin Tracks. This is one of my favourite house-tunes. For the later hours.

Bonus! Some deep stuff for the after-hours. Paper recordings is awesome! Shoutout

Also to celebrate the release of his new album, Third Attempt has put together a 60 minute journey into the world of deep-funk . Bringing in tunes from the likes of Atjazz, Yansima and Kraak & Smack, as well as a few gems from his new body of work. It's unlike anything we've had on the mix series before and we love it. Enjoy!

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