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In Conversation With... Pitto

With the imminent release of his second EP title ‘Baila Baila’ on Heist Recordings, we have had the privilege to spend a virtual few minutes with the effervescent Dutch producer and DJ, Pitto.

The EP is composed of three original tracks, topped off with a remix courtesy of the masterful Pete Herbert. The four track EP gives us an insight into the inner workings of a fairly illusive producer.

Only releasing two EP’s in the past three years, it’s clear to hear that Pitto takes his time to allow his tracks and sounds to evolve and blossom in an organic fashion. His last EP ‘Panthers On The Roof’ out on “Something Happening Somewhere” sublabel “Ooshaa” was a lovely combination of his instinctive poppy hooks and those darker more emotive, electronic sounds he has made his own, all brought together in a vivacious composition of sound. This new EP “Baila Baila”, his second release on Heist Recordings is a welcome addition to the plethora of incredible releases out on Detroit Swindles label and follows in similar to suit to his last release, with wide ranging and distinctive sounds. The EP is filled with live percussion, dark and rolling acid lines, chopped beats and catchy piano riffs.

Baila Baila EP


Hi Pitto, thanks for taking the time to join us and answer a few questions. I’ll be honest with you.. its been pretty tricky getting any information on you, so if you would be so kind as to introduce yourself.. (if you wish, of course)... Thanks for the interview. For me it is all about sharing emotions. Following my intuition may not be the easiest route to success, but is surely the most rewarding path. I've never really been one to conform. Always tried to investigate uncharted roads, developing my own sound and scene along the way. Over the years, I've built up a loyal following in The Netherlands. Taking to the stage and consistently rocking dancefloors with a solid live show definitely helped matters.

First things first, lets start with the new EP. Where has the inspiration for this release come from and what does the term “Baila Baila” mean for you? I find it hard to say in general where inspiration comes from. Most of the times its a combined progress. Being in the studio starting with something new from scratch or finding old sketches and reworking them. Combined with the feeling of the moment. Hearing something developing something. Sammie is written while I just heard that a good friend of mine: “Brent Roozendaal” got a baby. Together we went to parties back in the days and started our own. Which involved in for example Drift Festival. So my mind flew back in the days and back to the future for Sammie. Discko is more a pump driving tool it has a more dark side in the bassline for me. Bit of love story, but the trumpet is layering an “all good” energy on top. Baila came at once in the studio. It started with a synth….. like most of the times.. I was looking for some vocal ideas and I came up with the incredible good idea to make lyrics in a language I don’t speak. I think baila means dance in spanish. Furthermore I googled “dance your balls off”. In dutch we say :”dans je ballen eraf”. Baila Baila means double dance. Why one if you can have two! With this diverse sound that you have curated for yourself, can you give us an insight into the inner workings of bringing one of your compositions together? Hmm actually really easy. I always want to hear as soon as possible something that I really want to hear or feel. Brings me immediately in the right spot. Sometimes it takes a bit longer. But most of the times I feel lucky. As soon as I have that let’s say a loop or a hook, I really like the idea of trying new directions or adding stuff. Most of the times from that part and on, I strip it down again. But in general I always want ..no need to feel it. Having hosted Nachtbracker last summer at one of our parties and featuring tracks from the likes of Makez and Detroit Swindle on our site, it’s safe to say we are fans of the Heist Recordings label over here, can you give us an insight into what the process is like working with Lars and Maarten, and the Heist Crew in general? It has been a real big pleasure to work with them. Not need to say what a lovely crew it is. They are very supportive and give proper feedbacks. And really take time to make the best out of things. I always felt the whole team has a special energy. So really happy to bring a second EP with them. Hopefully more in future! During these current times we’re living in and the unfortunate lack of events and socialising, how are you getting through the days? Could you give us a 5 track playlist of what has been getting you through your isolation times? I am trying to make the best out of it. Loads of time in the studio. Not much changed you would think. :) but it has been lonely too. Maybe time to make a new album. Also a good time for self reflection. Thinking, learning. Challenging myself in several ways. Couple of days ago I cycled to Amsterdam from Utrecht and back again, on an old bike: 80km. It almost felt like a #lifehack to me. A couple of tracks I play to keep the spirit (aside from Pitto - Sammie) are...

Keeping positive in these times is key! What are you looking forward to in the coming summer months? Any festivals / gigs still on the cards? Sadly all gigs are cancelled. Maybe the end of the summer brings some gigs. But for now I just wish everybody stays safe and returns better. In the meantime I am trying to travel imaginary. Most looking forward in the coming summer months is catching up hugging and seeying family and friends. And hopefully by the end of the summer I see you on the dancefloor.

Delightful to get a small insight into the inner workings of one of Heist regulars PITTO. The EP is out this Friday on digital & vinyl.

EP: Baila Baila Label: Heist Recordings Format: 12” Vinyl & Digital Release date: 17th April


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