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In Conversation With... ODEN & FATZO

We've been avid fans of the joint project Oden & Fatzo since stumbling across their Instagram account by accident soon after they first collaborated. After sending us a bunch of unreleased demo's, we were hooked on their sound - not realising quite how early we had caught them...

Two years on and here they are, about to release a bomb of an EP on Fabe's Salty Nuts label. True to style, the flow of complex deep grooves, blissful breakdowns, dark ambiances and acid-flecked toplines are second-to-none. It has everything we were looking for - and the exciting thing is, they really are only just getting started...

We bagged them for their first ever full length interview in English, and we have to say it's a thoroughly enjoyable read. Check out clips of the upcoming Salty Nuts EP below and see what the Parisians had to say...


1. As mentioned, we've been keen followers of your joint project Oden & Fatzo since its inception. For the record, how did the group come together and how does it generally work writing and performing live music in a group of three?

Actually, we met in unusual circumstances, we played at the same gig for Leon K., who is well known for having organised the French Fyre Festival Equivalent. Of course, he didn’t pay us, so we decided to team up to get paid. He still didn’t pay us but we decided to use this time together to make music, and here we are.

Being a group is a real blessing. You never run out of ideas, and there’s always someone to bring a fresh and new view to a song ! At first, we thought we needed to harmonise the « Oden and Fatzo sound », but now we just go with the flow! Authenticity is the key.

Everyone has a different approach to the sound, Abel is a kind of digital wizard, while William is a die-hard analog synthesis aficionado, and Denver sits in-between both worlds. That way, we can never have the same idea twice.

Performing live in a group of three is super cool as well, it opens up a lot of sonic possibilities, and it adds a lot to the visual aspect and energy of the show ! And we think that’s what people like in our shows.

In the Studio w. Oden & Fatzo - for Novaj 新し

2. Paris continues to be one of the best cities for underground electronic music. How has the local circuit influenced your musical direction and personal tastes? Which other producers / artists have been most significant in shaping your sound?

Fatzo started with school friends from Latence Soundsystem Collective and met many people along the way like Reshuffle Music Crew when parties were organised at the Rex Club and other Parisian venues, while Oden worked with the Electronic Feeling Crew from their native town, from which emerged talented artists like Fasme ! Organising parties and collaborating with other local artists was definitely a motivational booster, and super inspiring as well.

Oden & Fatzo @ Rex Club, Paris - Instagram

Many local label as Rakyah and Forrest Hill gave us a fresh and new vision of what the future of underground bleepy house could be, but the most important encounter was with Adjus from Increase The Groove, where we released many records, alongside super talented artists like Kizoku or Marius. He encouraged us to explore our more funky, instrumental, melodic side with songs like OB1 Kenobi or La Vie Rêvée, and it was definitely a milestone in our musical path !

Our Chevry Agency crew is also a deep influence with super talented artists like Marwan Sabb, DJ Steaw, Herr Krank, Vitess, Robby & Stupid Flash, Deborah Aime La Bagarre, Jeff The Fool…. During lock down, we have begun to collaborate a lot and will release a lot of projects, it’s a huge influence because we wanted to go beyond the fact of simply having the same management team! We want to help each other going further in our productions and I think the best example is this recent collaborative production...

Chevry Agency Lock Down Collaboration

We also have to thank Dso & Lemoan, from Orémi Productions because they encouraged us a lot to explore our breaky side, adding surprises, and focus on not being « stuck in the loop », which all are important elements of the Oden & Fatzo sound.

3. Whilst Paris is your home, London & the UK seems to be adopting you guys pretty fast - with live show bookings all over the country and Fabric in London. What do you think it is that’s resonating with the UK audience so well?

Our uptempo breaky release resonates with the speed garage culture. People in England seem to like us playing uptempo, so there’s definitely a match!

In addition, we have made some UKG tracks we will release in the next months because we like it a lot ;)

We had so many reactions on Instagram when we shot funny preview videos, so we created a dedicated outfit we can’t wait to wear during our UK gigs...

So there is kind of an unconditional love between our music and England, and we’re super glad of it ! You can’t explain love, shhh let’s keep it that way ;)

4. We’re big fans of Fabe and his Salty / Sweet Nuts label. How did you end up signing the tracks to his label? Is there one track on the release that you’re finding is getting the best reaction amongst DJ’s?

We met a few years back during a party where we were all booked by our dear friend DJ Swoop.We had a lot of fun and stayed in touch. We share a lot of videos and jams on social media and I think at some point it gave him the idea to sign us on his label ! We were super excited because we like Salty Nuts a lot, and it was like a dream came true.

Casinomania has been played by many international DJs around the world, so we think it has a good clubbing potential ! Fabe’s remix of 69 Party Boys is also a solid contestant and we must admit we like it very very much ! Can’t wait to see what tracks will be played after the vinyl is out, because sometimes you can have nice surprises as well. Time will tell...

5. We’ve got to touch on the spaceman costumes you wear when playing together. Who’s idea was that? And what’s the most crazy party you’ve played to date in them?

After years and years of training in order to become astronauts, we were kicked out of the space force during the Laïka Operation, you can follow the whole story HERE. The space suit was pretty nice so we decided to keep it.

The most crazy party was maybe at Dehors Brut, the new Concrete Club. Concrete has been a reference in Parisian clubbing and it was a huge honor to be able to perform here. Sadly, the club has closed since, but those memories will last forever.

Oden & Fatzo @ Dehors Brut, Concrete Club, Paris - Instagram

6. Whilst your live show is your centre-piece, you all DJ as well correct? If we were all out dancing in clubs, we’d love to know what 5 tracks wouldn’t leave your records collection right now…

Abel can DJ with his « Vezyr » project from time to time, but the others don’t. We like to focus on production for the moment. Maybe William will one day with his project « Liam Fattori ».

As we are 3 cosmonauts, listen to these...

1. Liam Fattori - I Create Chaos

2. Jack Michael - Never Said That (Harry's Juicy Remix)

3. CN - Anubis


5. Conducta - Vitamin C

Thanks to all the guys for making the time to chat with us. This certainly won't be the last you hear from us about the trio. We can't wait to see them either here in the UK or in Paris as soon as possible. More news coming soon, but in the meantime we will leave you with this killer mix - made up of all own productions and 80% unreleased...


RELEASE DATE: Thursday 30th July


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