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In Conversation With... Kassian

Get to know our November headliner

Thanks for chatting with us. You were both working on solo projects before, tell us a bit about how Kassian came about?

Warren: We met at a party at Rye Wax in Peckham literally not long after I had heard a few of Danvers’ tracks, I was already playing them out on my radio show. I could tell we had a similar ear, so we got talking and booked a day in Joe’s old studio in Hackney, I shared a drum groove for The Premise to see if we could do it some justice, and what we got done in one hour surpassed both our expectations - It's pretty much unchanged since the day we made it! Joe’s arrangement of it laid the building blocks for what the ingredients of Kassian were going to be., and we just carried on from there really

Last year your track ‘The Premise’ got nominated for track of the year by Giles Peterson at his Worldwide Awards – how did that get on to his radar?

Warren: I had previously worked with Giles as a Studio Assistant at Worldwide FM, so I was already working with him closely and sending him music.

Joe: We’re not certain, but we’re pretty sure it was our friend Sean OD, who produces Gilles’ show. He got a jokes clip of Gilles on the station playing it and dancing around like a madman. I think we actually used that little clip to launch the Kassian FB page.

You seem to have a great relationship with the dons and Acuña favourites, Detroit Swindle – tell us about that partnership, how your first release on Heist came about, and how it was playing b2b with them at Micks Garage for Stevie Wonderland?

Joe: So I got some nice feedback from Maarten and Lars for my interludes EP. Arun from Wotnot (the label who released Interludes) sent me a screenshot of the email to show me their feedback, I copped the email address from the screenshot and sent them a bunch of Kassian demos immediately. They got back to us pretty quick and told us to stop holding out, so we sent them literally everything we’d made. A few weeks later the Premise EP was starting to take shape. Maarten was actually playing solo at Micks Garage that night; Lars was still in hospital after his motorbike accident, after a couple of hours playing solo Maarten invited us up on stage to go b2b with him. I guess we were a little nervous at first, but like any gig, one mix in and everything was a breeze. Their Condesa rotary is an absolute dream and now we’re thinking about buying our own…

​What are you most excited about for the rest of 2019 and the start of 2020?

Warren: Gigging more abroad for sure and discovering new places and artists etc. Also we’re still quite new, so I’m personally interested to hear what our sound will be like after we’ve developed more and given ourselves licence to take a couple more risks with our music. Joe: We’re already sitting on a few releases that we’re very excited about, but yeah as Warren said we’re looking forward to evolving our sound and taking it a little more leftfield.

Wicked well thank you, we can't wait to have you down to play at Tola, Peckham on 9th November. Before we go, what sort of tracks might we expect to hear you dropping on the night...?

​Kassian are headlining out November 9th party -

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