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In Conversation With... BLACK loops

After being crowned Trax Source’s number one deep house DJ in 2017 Black Loops, real name Riccardo Paffetti has continued in similar suit and hasn’t given any indication of letting those standards slip in both the production and performance aspects of his illustrious career.

With a solid foundation and a burgeoning catalogue of releases taking influence from late 90’s and early 00’s house, it’s a great honour to be able to get a few minutes with Riccardo to chat about his upcoming EP on Freerange Records; Something Special and what the future holds for this exciting musician.

Black Loops new release features 3 original tracks and a bonus 4th on the digital release (The Melody, an audio delight). He's manifested such an exciting and unique sound which will of course continue to develop and evolve over time, which is apparent in this wonderful set of new tracks that we have here.


Hi Riccardo, thanks for joining us. When approaching a track where do you go for your inspiration and how does it play a part in your arrangements for this EP?

I usually start with a basic beat, then start playing around with all the melodic elements... Recently I'm producing everything pretty much out of the box (especially for this ep), so this means I Jam for hours, and then go through all I've recorded and start composing the track with the parts that i like the most...

We know you’ve got quite a well deserved reputation for your edits and remixes, what is it about making an edit that really gets you going? Any really exciting edits in the pipeline you’re looking forward to releasing?

I like working on remixes and edits because i get to work with elements produced by other artists, so in a way I get inspired and learn more about music production...

I will release a few remixes this year for Shall not fade, Semi-delicious (Demi Riquisimo brilliant label), Waajeed and some edits under my other moniker "DJ Negroni", and then I will stop for a while and focus all my energy on the launch of my very own label (finally) :)

Being a world renowned DJ and touring globally, whilst on tour how do you spend the time between sets? And do you ever find it difficult to find a balance between it all?

The "worst" part of touring is definitely the travelling part... sometimes, especially when travelling to far places from Europe, this sucks a lot of energy and it's very stressful.. Whenever I can, I travel by train; i find it more relaxing than running around in an airport, and when you get to destination, your energy is sort of intact, and that's good... Whenever I have a bit of time, I try to see as much as I can of the place I'm visiting. I consider myself very lucky to have been able to see the whole world (or most of it) in the last few years, so I always try to experience the place I'm visiting as much as possible...

With festival season fast approaching can you give us an insight into a typical Black Loops festival experience? And which festivals your looking forward to this year?

That's a funny question :) I don't have many big festival scheduled this year to be honest.. although I have plenty of club-nights and open airs, which I honestly prefer the most...

I'm really looking forward to play in South Africa this weekend (15th/16th March), both parties (Johannesburg and Cape Town) are open air or small size festival, and the vibe there is really something else.

We caught your guest mix on Kassians monthly Balamii show and it ticked all the boxes for us. Can you give us a 5 track sum up of what’s been on heavy rotation for you recently during your sets?

Wonderful getting down to some home truths and catching a small insight into the blossoming career of one of House music’s hottest prospects, Black Loops.

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