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5 Minutes With... Simon Hinter

Simon Hinter may be a new name to many having had only a handful of releases over the last decade, but his Freerange Records debut, entitled 'Tired Up', delivers four brilliant originals showcasing his range and diversity. Fresh sounds to work the currently-virtual dance floor & live stream space.

We grabbed '5 Minutes With' him to find out more...

1. Give us the lowdown on this release…

The release is split of into four classic, mostly funk & soul sample based house tracks.

'Tired Up' gives a sleazy, low-slung filtered groover which works up a looping guitar riff, throbbing bass and driving disco drums. Minimal yet primed and ready to draw you onto the floor.

'Heaven & Hell' goes in a deeper direction, heavy on the emotive chords, Moog line and fat claps whilst 'Lifestreams' is a classic MPC jam, cutting up some bass and stab riffs and re-sequencing into a high-energy, rolling workout.

2. What's your best career moment to date, aside from this interview?

Best moment in my life was a gig in Sweden in 2011. The location was awesome and the crowd was totally sweet. Everybody was dancing, very nice people and I think I played a good vinyl only set.

3. What's been doing the business when playing out recently?

There aren't so much links out there but here's a live set from 2014 that I still really like today...

4. Where can we find you in the upcoming months?

These times I'm often working at home and hoping things with Corona will getting better and hopefully there will be more opportunities for deejaying or lifesets in the future. I'm also doing social work with kids sometimes so there's lots of stuff to do.

5. If you could spend '5 Minutes With…' anyone, who would it be and why...?

Difficult question. There are lots of people I would love to meet but when I should strip down to one think I would say meeting Daft Punk in real life would be incredibly great.


RELEASE DATE : Friday 22nd May


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