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5 Minutes With... SAUDADE

Parisian micro-house producer Saudade premieres on one of our favourite labels Pont Neuf this week, with a 4-track synthesis of his love for Brazil. Check out the music below and see what he had to say when we grabbed '5 Minutes With' him...


1. Give us the lowdown on this release…

This 4-tracker was inspired by Brazil, where I lived for 6 months at the end of 2018. I tried to translate my musical experience in this EP. I fell in love with these Brazilian grooves so particular, these patterns in all directions, and the sound power of samba ensembles. The potential for electronic music inspiration became obvious.

The first track “Sonha” is quite deep. I wanted to leave a lot of room in the mix for this fiery snare drum. I just dressed it up with a Juno 6 pad and ASMR vocals in Brazilian Portuguese whispering an extract from a book about the brain and its reward system.

The second track “O Samba” is a homage to the Samba of Rio. A mix of congas, synths, sub and vocal tracing the history of samba and its interbreeding. I really enjoyed making this track, especially recording a percussionist friend, Tom Guillouzic, on congas in the studio of my former music school in Nantes.

The third track is almost dub with the use of several delays to give this impression of waves: “As Ondas” in Portuguese. I wanted a track with a very basic Afro-Latin groove to leave room for rhythmic question-answer games between the synth and the 808 cowbell punctuated by snare drums.

The last track, “O Funk” more experimental, is a personal reinterpretation of Rio’s baile funk. A style inherited from the Miami bass enriched with a carioca groove of his own. I tried to distill the whole thing to come up with a track quite abstract, but which defines the feeling I felt when I listened to this baile funk music on club sound systems back in Rio.

2. What's your best career moment to date, aside from this interview?

I would say the collaboration with Point G aka DJ Gregory in his studio in Paris. It was very interesting to work with such a French house legend and at the same time with a humble human being so passionate about music. I was quite impressed in the first minutes. Then, the session was very fluid.

In 4 hours, we managed to release a special energy with a track perfectly at the crossroads between our musical worlds. I learned a lot from this session. It was also magical to hear Gregory's stories about his travels in Angola or Brazil to go and record local musicians sometimes risking his own life… It made me want to create my musical life moments and adventures. It was a good time.

3. What's been doing the business when playing out recently?

Shadowdrum - Kelinda. There is nothing but there is everything. It’s Jazz, it’s minimal. Raw, authentic and sincere. The swing is at the edge, the vibe is there. The pattern is perfect. What more could we ask for?

4. Where can we find you in the upcoming months?

That's a very good question. It's difficult to project oneself now with the current coronavirus crisis. I hope to be back on the Parisian scene very soon when the clubs will re-open. In the meantime, you can find me on Instagram it’s a good virtual place where I share a lot about my work and music production secrets and where I love to discuss with passionate music lovers.

5. If you could spend '5 Minutes With…' anyone, who would it be and why...?

I would definitely spend them with Jacob Collier, considered as the current musical genius of our time, to ask him about the interconnections between emotions, music and life. And why not, make him discover the energy of low sound frequencies felt on a club sound system at full volume if he doesn't know this feeling yet. And then learn about his insights about the magnetism and energy of frequencies and their impact on dance and on the body. It would probably take more than five minutes…



RELEASE DATE : Friday 12th June


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