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5 Minutes With... ROSS ROBERTSON

It was the move from Swindon to Liverpool that led Ross Robertson to find his passion for electronic music and kick-started this venture into the industry. With residencies across the north-west quickly under his belt, he has now turned to his debut EP release... and what a release it is. Check out the premiere of B1 side 'She's A Spy' and get to know Ross a bit better with our 5 Minutes With interview below...


1. Give us the lowdown on this release…

The release heavily reflects the music I most enjoy making & the environment I made the EP in. The whole thing was made with just my laptop and Guitar so there is lots of sampling, especially on the A-side. Quentin’s Legacy is called so because it has lots of Tarentino snippets throughout the track. The Shishi-Odoshi fountain from Kill Bill was the inspiration so I started with that and worked around it. It appears occasionally throughout the track as a snare, alongside more obvious samples.

To be honest, the fountain was a big inspiration for the whole EP. Beforehand I was trying to make a high energy record and wasn’t very happy with it - it encouraged me to start over and make something that was more personal to me. There’s a similar feel throughout the record & it’s definitely more on the chilled side than dancefloor ready, with the possible exception of Ukiyo.

2. If you had to pick one, what would be your biggest career highlight to date?

Probably getting the chance to play a set at the top of the French Alps. It was very surreal looking beyond the crowd to see a mountain landscape. The promoter, prior to the set, had made it clear that the music must be cut off at 5. Something to do with their license. Once the end of the set came around, the crowd refused to leave and they were chanting & stomping on the deck for ages. I dropped Curtis Mayfield - Move On Up which only played for about 30 seconds before the power was cut but I still remember the reaction vividly & it was one of the best moments of my life so far.

3. If we were allowed to be out partying, what current records would you be playout out every set?

Les Rythmes Digitales - Take A Little Time (1998)

Baffa - Piano On

Afterlife - Synthetic Joy (Lately Mix)

4. What’s coming up next for you?

I’ve got lots more music coming out soon which I’m really looking forward to releasing about & have had a lot of fun making. There’s a remix I did for LUNA coming out in September, as well as two more releases before the end of the year. The LUNA track is a completely different approach to the original but I think it’s turned out well. Gigs wise, my next is a late August b2b w/ Melé at 24 Kitchen Street. I love being out and about playing sets so not having that aspect to work towards each week has been difficult. I’m excited to get back to it.

5. If you could spend '5 Minutes With…' anyone, who would it be and why...?

Louis Theroux. 100%. I’m a massive fan of him. I love how willing he is to get involved with things just to give people a bigger picture. Like the Plastic Surgery episode when he’s getting Liposuction, whilst awake & interviewing the surgeon. Haha! He’s very likable, is able to have a flowing conversation with literally anyone & is knowledgeable about everything. There are so many questions about his life that I’d like to ask him. Would need a bit longer than 5, though.



RELEASE DATE : Friday 14th August


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