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5 Minutes With... Gestalt Records

Gestalt Records is an Estonian based label founded by Steffan Todorovic and co-run by Zeljko Dejanovic. In its relatively short lifespan the imprint has racked up nearly 20 releases with names such as Harrison BDP, Doppelate, Akasha System and DJ Life to name but a few. The guys also recently launched a sub-label called Hidden Assets, focusing on ambient and experimental electronic music released on cassettes.

This Wednesday, their next VA Anniversary Sampler is dropping, and it's packing some serious heat.

Ahead of the release we grabbed '5 Minutes With' them to find out more... 1. Give us the lowdown on this release…

Last year we started talking about how many artists we'd actually come in contact with who - for one reason or another - we never manage a full release with. So we realized a VA would be a great way to get some of these talented people on the label. The timing of it all meant it'd have to come put around the 1-year anniversary of the label's first release so we decided to use the VA to mark that milestone. It turned out to be a really fun and quite different challenge from what we're used, and decided to try make the release an annual thing.

We didn't really think we'd be able to do it, considering all the other projects we're involved in at the moment, but we somehow managed. To be fair all the tunes we got struck a chord with us instantly, so it was all pretty touch-and-go. Hopefully we'll be as lucky next year!

2. What's your best career moment to date, aside from this interview?

Definitely the day we realized our first vinyl sold out worldwide. That must've been 4-5 months after it released so we were really shocked when we got the call. I mean we're well aware of the competition we're facing and how difficult it is to sell 300 copies. Especially given the label's size at the time (and even now for that matter). It got a bit more surreal a few days after, because we had a repress commissioned from a single buyer - so effectively we managed to sell out around 450 copies of our debut vinyl in less than half a year. It was probably at this point that we realized the label was taking on a life of its own.

3. What's been doing the business when playing out recently? (Your biggest percy)

Most of my friends can attest to the fact that I almost always come back to the Frankie Knuckles remix of Hercules & Love Affair's 'Blind'. I'll smash this out 9 times out of 10 and bounce around the with my eyes closed and singing along. I've always been a complete fanboy of Antony Hegarty and (obviously) The Godfather of House Music - couple those two and you get this utterly superlative piece of music:

4. Where can we find you in the upcoming months?

Given the quarantine and all I'd say anywhere between my apartment and work. Outside of that I'm usually lurking around my 'home' bar/club/venue Sveta Baar. Other than that I'm always available for a friendly online chat.

5. If you could spend '5 Minutes With...' anyone, who would it be and why…?

Joe Claussell or Antonio Ocasio. Both Zeljko and I have a soft spot for all things percussive - and these guys are simply the masters!


RELEASE DATE : Wednesday 15th April


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