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5 Minutes With... Clive From Accounts

Clive From Accounts is a mysterious fellow. Number cruncher extra-ordinaire by day, totally f’ing awesome music producer by night. His new 'The Trouble With Clive' EP drops this Friday, on Dutch duo Fouk's mighty Outplay label.

We managed to digitally track Clive down and grab '5 Minutes With' him to find out more...

1. Give us the lowdown on this release…

A product of spreadsheet induced fever-dreams, these concoctions were created in my nan’s attic using dilapidated tape machines, reassuringly beige samplers, and creaky old synthesisers that smell like walnuts.

With the DATs strapped to my carrier pigeon Colin, they somehow made it to Holland where the Fouk chaps graciously adopted them under the wing of their marvellous Outplay label.

2. What's your best career moment to date, aside from this interview?

Would have to be when I did Wesley Snipes’ tax returns in the late 90s. I must call him..

3. What's been doing the business when playing out recently? (Your biggest percy)

Sounds like it was made on a playstation in a sweaty basement somewhere. Glorious.

4. Where can we find you in the upcoming months?

At home, reorganising my pencil case collection. Thinking about live streaming it.

5. If you could spend '5 Minutes With…' anyone, who would it be and why...?

Eliane Radique aka Synth Nan. One of the coolest people on the planet, could talk about the ARP 2500 for hours.. has to be the most Clive synth of all time


RELEASE DATE : Friday 17th April


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