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5 Minutes With... Brian Kage

Six releases in and Michigander label head Brian Kage teams up with the legendary French Techno producer, Taho, aka David Jacopin. Between the two of them, their production pedigree includes releases for labels like FXHE, Planet-E, Delsin, F.Comm, and more, so it's no surprise the pairing makes for a masterfully produced EP covering the spectrum of Detroit house and techno sounds, with an added deft touch from its French connection.

Check out clips of each track on the EP & what Brian Kage had to say when we caught up with him...


1. Give us the lowdown on this release. Talk us through the making of it? Tell us a little about the label and your collab with Taho.

Taho is a true master of music! He does such an elegant, “French” take on the Detroit sound. Taho was also the first to release my solo material on his label Lumina years ago. I’ve always looked up to him as an artist and we’ve been great friends for many years. Together, we’ve been kickin’ around the idea of doing a collaboration record when the time was right. In 2016, I created Michigander as a way to showcase my music, and collaborations with close friends. For fun, Taho & I began sending material back and forth over dropbox, and that’s when the magic really started happening. I’m very honored to work together with Taho on this release for my label. I consider him such a truly underrated talent in dance music!

2. If you had to pick one, what would be your biggest career highlight to date?

I’ve been fortunate to get so many great opportunities in music from working alongside great artists, to playing amazing venues like Berghain. It’s really a difficult question but I think of all the times I’ve had the opportunity to play at Movement Electronic Music Festival in Detroit. Those gigs have always been very special memories.

3. If we were allowed to be out partying, what current records would you be playing out at every set?

4. What's coming up next for you?

I’m currently putting the finishing touches on another collaboration record, this time with Detroit Legend, Delano Smith! It will be coming on my label, Michigander this Fall. It’s a deep house banger! I’m also in the process of finishing a follow up EP for my Synth wave project “Escape Driver” titled “Wild as Hell." And lastly, I've been doing a lot of mixing and mastering projects for many talented artists via my side hustle, kagemastering.com.

5. If you could spend 5 minutes with anyone, who would it be and why?

I would like to spend that 5 minutes with my mom to really let her know how thankful I am for everything she did for me and my family.



RELEASE: 07.05.21


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