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5 Minutes With... ARMLESS KID

Red hot young Frenchman Armless Kid is well known on his native Paris circuit. This week he releases a superbly warm deep house cut for Fina Records 30th label release. We grabbed '5 Minutes With' him to find out more...

1. Give us the lowdown on this release…

Basically, these are all old tracks of mine. The type of tracks that I used to produce like 2 years ago or more.

With the lock down I started producing diverse type of track and kinda went back onto my own old skool type of producing which I still enjoy a lot. It brings back memories and I love it. This whole EP represents my style, it has the two parts I'm trying to work on at the moment.

2. What's your best career moment to date, aside from this interview?

The boat party at Suncébeat few years ago where I met Jeremy Underground, He's definitely one of the people I respect the most in this industry.

3. What's been doing the business when playing out recently?

It's been a while since I played in front of a crowd due to the actual stuff happening but I remember playing OL - Vertical race back in Liège and it kinda made the peoples go insane. Of course play that at your own risk...

4. Where can we find you in the upcoming months?

Mostly in my room due to that damn virus. I hope this shit ends fast because I can't help but miss playing out and going out as well.

5. If you could spend '5 Minutes With…' anyone, who would it be and why...?

Joe, who's released on Hessle Audio mostly. Been checking a few videos of him producing and he seems like someone who can teach at least one thing to everyone when it comes to making music.


RELEASE DATE : Friday 22nd May


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